Monday, November 26, 2012

Iron Jawed Angels

A story about women's suffrage

Iron Jawed Angels is the 2004 film that tells the story of two lesser known advocates, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and their fight for women's suffrage. The story is a gruesome, real story of how the 19th amendment came to be. The plot involves hunger strikes, imprisonment, brutal beatings, a parade, and women fighting for a great cause.

Paula Weinstein, an executive producer of the film, believes that this is a movie that all women must see. The cast and crew of the film were mainly women. This gave those working on the film a greater appreciation for the events which the movie portrays. Weinstein said that it gave the women on set a sense of sisterhood. Paula Weinstein always tries to hire women for her films. For Iron Jawed Angels it was a no brainer to hire women. (Pogrebin, Robin)

Here we will discuss the coverage of women's suffrage from New York Times and how it was framed. We will look at how historically accurate the film depicts the events as well as the similarities and differences of it. 

Our Spin On Women's Suffrage